Call for papers

We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Please download the CFP flyer here

Advances in Service Robot Research
Robotics in Space

AI in Robot  

Cognition Based Interaction   

Ethical Issues   

Human Assistance and Supports  

Human Centred Robotics   

Human-Robot Collaboration 

Human Robot Integration


Asteroid Exploration

Noncooperative Space Object Operations

On Orbit Servicing

Planetary Exploration Robotics

Robotics in Space Station (ISS and CSS)


3D-printed Lunar Habitat

Service Robotics and Applications
Robotics Technology Development 

Agriculture Robots

Cleaning, Floor and Lawn Care Robotics

Construction Robotics

Entertainment Robotics  

Environmental Robotics 

Medical and Healthcare Robotics 

Search and Rescue Robotics 

Security Robotics  

Autonomous Navigation

Autonomous and Unmanned Vehicles

Exoskeleton Robots  

Intelligent Cars

Network-based Intelligent Robot Services

Object and People Recognition  

Object Manipulation

Robot Simulations

Robot Software Development

Robots for Cultural Heritage

Visual Servoing and Robot Vision